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sending Your Art

You have the perfect image for your shirt. Great! Except... 


We always ask what type of files you will sending us before we quote prices. Why? Because screen printers work with vector images.


What's a vector image? Vector images are created with points and curves and can be changed to any size without loss of detail. And you can change the color of parts of it, or line widths, or several other things, without affecting anything else. If you've got a jpg or something made in Photoshop, you've got a bitmap image which is made up of pixels. And when you make changes to a bitmap image, all the pixels get affected. If you enlarge a bitmap image, it gets blurry.


Vector formats are Illustrator (.ai), PDFs, or EPS files. So can you just save your jpg as one of those? Well... yes, but it doesn't change it to a vector image. We've got no problem remaking your image into a vector image, but it takes time. Just let us know what we're working with and give us a little bit of time to make something for you that'll be perfect for printing!  

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