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How do I get started?

All of our shirts are custom designed, so the first step is to call us to discuss your needs and set up a meeting. Just call 805-777-4880 and we’ll walk you through your apparel options. 

How do I send artwork?

Please check out our Sending Art page and contact us if you have more questions!

Is there a minimum per order?

Yes, but depending on the printing method, the minimum can be flexible. For screen printed items, we require 24 pieces per design. If one design is used on mulitple items, these items totaled must equal at least 24. (Example: 12 t-shirts + 5 zip-ups + 7 long sleeves with same design will meet the minimum). Other types of customization are not subject to the 24 piece minimum. Feel free to contact us with a smaller order. We’re always happy to come up with alternatives in order to meet your needs.

What about reorder prices?

Reorder prices are based on the inital order price per garment, as long as you meet the minimum amount of pieces that you were quoted at. We will honor prices up to 90 days after the initial sale is completed.

What determines the prices?

Many factors go into the cost of each item. We determine the price using number of designs, amount of colors in the design, cost of the item, and printing method. As a result, each quote is customized for your specific needs. We use the same distributors that provide apparel for top name-brand retailers such as Tilly's and Hollister so you are guaranteed to receive top-quality apparel at any price.

Is it possible for us to pre-sell before placing an order?

Definitely! In fact, we encourage it. By placing a small pre-order, you can have items available for people see and buy during registration. When people get to touch and feel the apparel as well as the printed design they’ll get excited about their spirit wear. This is a great way to encourage sales, and by placing a small pre-order just for sizing, you won’t be stuck with a lot of inventory. You can then place a larger reorder for items that have already been bought and paid for.

Can you guarantee that colors and sizes will always be the same?

Our garments are custom made with different materials and are garment dyed. Therefore it is impossible to guarantee the same size and color on any two garments. However, we hold our manufacturers accountable within an 8% margin.

Will screen printed graphics wash out or fade?

We use the best quality inks and manufacturing equipment when producing our screen printed apparel. However, there will always be a slight dulling of the print due to a process called fibrilation. When washed and dried, cotton fibers make their way to the surface of the print, giving it a slightly dulled appearance when compared to an unwashed print. This is an unavoidable side effect of printing on fabric.

Can you match PMS colors for screen printing?

Absolutely. We use pantone colors to indicate to our printers what colors we would like to use. That said, ink colors look different depending on the color garment that it will be printed on. Specifying a PMS color will give you a close match, but not necessarily an exact match.

Can I return sizes that don't fit?

Due to the custom nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns for any reason other than a mistake on our part. Please either refer to the size chart on our website or call and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to provide you with a mix of sample sizes to ensure you order the size you want.

What if I receive a defective item or am missing something from my order?

Occasionally a defective item gets through our quality control measures or we overlook something. We ask that you review your order immediately, and let us know if there are any discrepancies or issues within the first 72 hours. We will be happy to help within that time frame.

Why is there a sales tax charge when we are a non-profit organization or a PTA? Shouldn't we be exempt?

“Although your organization’s sales may not be taxable, your purchases generally are taxable and you cannot issue resale certificates to buy merchandise tax-free.  Since businesses that sell to your organization generally must pay tax when you buy merchandise.” - California State Board of Equalization, Publication 18, August 2008, page 28.


For more information, please visit the California State PTA website at:

Why is sales tax not included in the price?​

Sales tax is determined by the county that the products are being delivered to, and is collected on behalf of the county. The price of the shirt remains the same regardless of which county it is delivered to. We are only in control of the price of our goods, not the county in which it’s being delivered to, which makes us unable to quote prices including the sales tax. You will receive and invoice with your total including tax once you place your order.

How / when do we pay?

FRSG requires payment in full before we start your order since these items are custom printed for your school or organization. We accept cash, check, and credit card (through Paypal and Square). 

Do you only make t-shirts?

Not at all! We make a large variety of clothing items such as hoodies, shorts, yoga pants, and so on. We can also help you with promotional items such as temporary tattoos, water bottles, pens, bags, and much more! Feel free to call us if you’re looking for something specific.

Do you make apparel for charities? What about small businesses?

Don't let the name fool you; we'll do apparel and other promotional items for anyone! While Fun-Raising School Gear started with making spirit gear for schools, we've branched out and make apparel for charity events, organizations, clubs, sports teams, and businesses.  If you have any apparel needs, give us a call!

How long will it take to recieve my order?

Screen printed and embroidered items take approximately 21 business days from time of payment to produce. We ship these items using UPS Ground Service. Production time is influenced by order volume, so call us to obtain a current production time for any of the items you are interested in.

Where can I find sizing information?

You can find all the information regarding sizing by visiting our styles and sizing page, or by looking at our instructions on how to measure yourself or our size charts.

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