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We offer apparel in any material that you want. But how do you choose? 

Ringspun Cotton

A classic t-shirt material, the cotton is spun to twist and thin the strands, creating a fiber that's softer than regular cotton. It's soft, silky, and lightweight.

Poly / Cotton Blend

A blend of cotton and polyester's best traits. It's soft and generally moisture-wicking, shrink-proof, and wrinkle-resistant. It tends to be more affordable and is wicking, durable, and soft.


A combination of cotton, polyester, and rayon. Rayon is a man-made material and gives apparel a soft, worn-in feel. It's perfect for vintage T-shirts with its super-soft feel and durability.


Bamboo is another type of rayon and is extremely soft and silky. It's also naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial.


Polyster is a man-made fiber that's petroleum-based. It's hydrophobic, so it's sweat-resistant. It's also moisture-wicking, shrink-proof, and wrinkle-resistant. It's a staple of performance wear and smooth, durable, and comfortable.

Poly / Spandex Blend

Spandex is another man-made fiber best known for its ability to stretch. It's often blended with polyester. It's abrasian-resistant, holds up well to wear and cleaning, stretchy, and lightweight.


Modal is a type of rayon and made from cellulose from beech trees. It offers a soft hand and a luxurious, flattering look. It's also shrink- and fade-resistant and breathable.

Adapted from 'Material Gains',, April / Mat 2015.

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