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We offer several processes for creating custom apparel. We will gladly discuss your options with you and suggest the best customization method to meet your needs.

Direct-to-garment printing means just that: a t-shirt or other garment is printed on with a specifically engineered ink-jet printer. It works the same way as a common document ink-jet printer.


  • There is no minimum quantity requirement to print.

  • You can print a design with as many colors as you want.



  • The ink is absorbed into the garment, so you can only print an ink color that is darker than the garment color.

  • You cannot print on black material.

  • There is no white ink; if your design has white in it, the garment must be white.

  • Colors take on the hue of the garment.

  • The design might fade with repeated washing.

This is the most well known printing method. This traditional process creates screens for each color and they are applied individually to the garment.


  • You can print any color ink on any color garment.

  • Ink will not fade.



  • There is a minimum quantity of garments required to print.

  • For cost effeciency, you’re generally limited on design colors.

For more information about screen printing colors, check out this site about pantone colors.

Designs are sewn straight onto the garment.


  • There is no minimum quantity requirement to embroider.

  • There is no limit on colors in the design.



  • Embroidery can be expensive, especially if the design is large or complicated

  • There is generally a one-time digitizing fee to convert the artwork into a format that can be used by the embroiderer.

High quality durable heat transfer vinyl is traditionally used for team uniforms, players names, and numbers. Vinyl comes in a wide range of materials (sparkly, stretchy, colorful) that can create simple designs on a wide range of garments.


  • There is no minimum quantity requirement to print.

  • You can create light colored designs on dark items.



  • There is a limit of 1-2 colors per design

  • There are limitations as to how complicated or small the design can be.

Appliqué designs are design cut outs with sticthing around the perimeter. Appliqué designs can have different layers, colors, and patterns to suit any needs.


Make your t-shirts sparkle with our glitter apparel!

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